About Us

Michele Garcia

Manager, PC Income Tax Services

Michele has been in the tax planning industry for the last several years. As manager of PC Income Tax Services, she is committed to ensure that your tax preparation and planning goes smoothly.

Our team of CPA’s have specialized knowledge in taxation. The PC Income Tax Team  will  take into consideration investments, account structures, and income stream taxation. We are proud to offer exceptional tax preparation services with an eye out for next year’s taxes.

At PC Income Tax Services, every relationship is handled like family. Everything we do is centered around our client focused effort  to not only calculate taxes, but try and help you understand what causes your taxes  while looking  for  alternative  strategies that may help you reduce future taxes!

RECESSION SPECIAL- If you pay for professional tax preparation from a licensed preparer, we will guarantee you a savings of no less than 25% off what you paid for last year’s services.

We are especially excited about our “What-if” service! This is a unique capability that lets us submit various scenarios to determine the outcome of different tax strategies. All returns include at least one free “What-if” and additional scenarios can be run of only $19.95 each. It’s not what you make-it’s what you keep!

PC Income Tax Services is a member of the Advisor Tax Services. PC  Income Tax Services uses a private and secure, IRS compliant, communications network to submit all state and federal tax work documents. PC Income Tax Services participates in the tax return preparation process via a proprietary nationwide network of professional CPAs provided by: Advisor Tax Services. All tax returns prepared via the United Tax Partners, LLC.  network are prepared, signed and submitted to the IRS by qualified professional CPAs.

Timothy Holt is the President of Preservation Capitol Group LLC. His organization is structured to provide comprehensive financial planning which incorporates tax planning and preparation for families & businesses.

“The value of integrating tax planning with comprehensive financial planning and collaboration with the best CPA’s, legal advisors and other financial professionals is what separates us from the rest”

At PC Income Tax Services, it is our goal to provide all of our clients with the most professional level of planning and tax services available in order to maximize family, life and financial goals. Every return we prepare is handled with the greatest level of care by highly experienced CPAs.

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